Important Jobs in the World

If someone runs about helter-skelter as if in a daze, is often rude to his colleagues and disrespectful to juniors, is unable to give time to or fulfil commitments towards near and dear ones, has no personal interests, has no identity other than as an employee of the company he works for, repeatedly stresses on how important his job is, it is highly likely that he does one of the following important jobs :

1. He sells coloured, sugar-water, often low on nutrition and high on calories.

2. He trades in third-world debt or some other arcane financial product that 99.99% of the world’s population has neither heard about nor cares about.

3. He conceptualises, develops and markets a new, super, improved quality of washing powder every three months which replaces what was new, super, improved three months back.

4. He “consults”; that is to say, he tells other people how they should be doing their business, without having any experience in that line of business, and without any responsibility for the consequences of implementing his recommendations.

It is almost certain that he is not one to waste his life engaged in any of the following :

1. Growing food for the teeming, hungry billions.

2. Educating the downtrodden and underprivileged and giving them a chance to get out of debilitating poverty and deprivation.

3. Curing people of their crippling and often fatal diseases.

4. Inventing and creating new technologies to improve the lot of fellow humans.

13 thoughts on “Important Jobs in the World

  1. This post made me smile from the very first sentence. When ever a new improved”international” brand extension of a washing powder or soap is introduced, two thought run through my mind. The ad invariably starts with “Now”. Who are these multinationals to decide the juncture when we, as customers, deserve international products. Could we not have had it much earlier ? And “international” could mean Mangolia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malawi etc and not always developed world !

    • Thanks Grumpa. Yes, that could be the case. That having been said, it is really upto each individual to decide who he wants to be and how he wants to live, of course, within the confines of societal norms. I have a view. Quite possible that other people have other views.

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