I hate travel

Manager, back in his office after a week on the road, to Team Members : Good to be back in office. Some respite from constant travel. I am sick of constantly having to rearrange my personal life on account of business requirements. Seems as if my life is spent in airport lounges more than home. And the hotel food really gets to me. I hate all that.

Team Members, in one voice : We know it must be difficult sir. But isn’t it exciting to visit new places ?

Manager : Yes it is, but you know me. I am happy between my home and my office. I will tell my Boss that I am not travelling for the next one year. If the company insists that I need to go because nobody else is qualified, I will resign and leave. After all, there is a limit to everything.

Team Members : You are so simple and straightforward, sir. How we wish we had these opportunities to travel.

Manager : Well, you know me guys ! Focussed only on work and family. Of course I understand your feelings. And, believe me, when the opportunity next arises, I will nominate one of you to travel and represent the company.

In the middle of the meeting the Senior Manager (the Manager’s Boss) drops in and says, “Oh, by the way, we have been invited to the Industry Conference in Las Vegas end of the month. It is for a week and the company will bear all expenses. We would like someone from this team to attend the conference on behalf of the company. I am leaving the choice to you guys. No specific qualification or knowledge is required as we are not anchoring any session. The participant would mainly need to listen to the speakers, make notes where appropriate, collect Business cards, and come back and debrief. We don’t mind if you want to take your spouse / partner along as long as you pay for it.

Team Members, in one Voice : Hurray. We love the company.

Before leaving, the Senior Manager to Manager : Send me the name of the person chosen to attend by end of day please. My secretary will make necessary arrangements.

After the Senior Manager leaves, the Manager turns back to his team and says : See, it never ends. Just when I thought I will have a few peaceful days at home comes this requirement. I will again have to pack my bags and go. Such is my life!!

10 thoughts on “I hate travel

    • Glad you can identify with the situation. I would even generalise it further and say all human beings, in a similar situation, will respond in the same way, irrespective of caste, creed, culture.

  1. if you have really traveled, many hundreds of thousands (millions) of miles, for many years, a company could offer a free trip to anywhere in the world, with any benefits and activities, and a REAL traveler that has done “the time” for years (20+) would turn down own that offer in a millisecond to spend time with his/her family.

    Of course, if you are young, unattached and focused on yourself (as we ALL were at some time), that kind of a trip would sound great, Have fund by he way, and I have many trips that I would be happy to give to you. Again though, real travelers, would pass up ANY trip for a couple days at home.

    For those who respond positively to this article, good luck and enjoy. Once you have truly lived “on the road”, you’ll understand.

    BTW … the “manager” in your story is not a true representation of a real road traveler. Anyone who has lived on the road would pass up any “opportunity: to travel to stay at home for any precious moment available to them.

    Signed, A traveler who is on the road tonight and still regretfully travelling,

    • Thanks for visiting and leaving comments.
      I have no doubt that there are many “real travellers” who would not hesitate to turn down the offer of another trip in a millisecond, to be with the people they value.
      Equally, I have come across “unreal travellers” who, it seems, enjoy travelling on company account while professing their distaste for it. In any case, the travel situation is an example. The story is more to do with Managers who speak with a forked tongue, saying one thing and meaning quite another. It could be travel in this case, it could be taking credit for work done by a team-member in another.
      And, to all the “real travellers”, I can only say that they have made a choice. Of doing that travel for whatever value it creates for them.

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