The other book

An interview of mine was carried by The Hindustan Times, a widely circulated national daily, in a section devoted to business, called Mint. Here is a link to the interview:–Calling-the-shots.html

This interview was in connection with another book of mine, that I have not talked about on this blog. The reason, as I have explained to myself, is that this blog is dedicated to satire and irreverence whereas this, the other book, is a serious business book.

But so what? It is still my book. And this is my space. So here are the details:


Name: Some Method Some Madness, Managing BPO in India

Publisher: Tata McGraw Hill

Pages: 316

Price: INR 550- in India, USD 27.50 in the US

Synopsis:   This book seeks to capture the essence of managing the diverse and ever-changing domain of BPO business and the day-to-day challenges and possibilities that are faced and offered by the industry. It should serve as a convenient guide for all those who aspire to carve out a career in the BPO business.

In India, this book is available on various websites. The link to buying it on Flipkart is:

In the US, it is available on on the following link:

I have also added a link to this book in the column on the right.

17 thoughts on “The other book

    • What I have realised over the last year is that publishing a book is neither an easy, nor a money-making activity. It adds to your profile and could, in a very few cases, lead to spin-off benefits. I do hope you are able to get your collection to market.

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