The Rebuilding of Uttarakhand by AIF and UMA‏

On 25th July, I had posted about the death and destruction caused by torrential rainfall, coupled with human greed, in the pristine but ecologically vulnerable state of Uttarakhand nestling in the foothills of the Himalayas.  The post is titled “Continuing Education” and can be accessed on:

Anoop Nautiyal, an old friend of mine, who hails from Uttarakhand, is actively involved in the rehabilitation efforts. I am enclosing an email I received from him a few days back, outlining some of the efforts and appealing for help to the global community:

Dear Ankur,
Hope all is well with you.
As you are aware I am actively involved in the rebuilding efforts of my home state of Uttarakhand. There are several initiatives with which I am involved but I will take the opportunity to mainly talk about one initiative in this mail. Sorry that I have taken some time to get back to you. We had been engaged with setting up the structure for our rebuilding efforts.
I am pleased to share with you that Uttarakhand Mandal of America (UMA, the Silicon Valley, USA based civic organization that I represent, and the American India Foundation (AIF have recently tied up to bring long term relief to the affected areas in Uttarakhand in India. Please see the details of the AIF and UMA partnerships on their respective websites and also the enclosed Joint Appeal from the two partnering institutions. I am the India Trustee for the UMA initiative.
AIF is one of the largest India centric foundations in the United States and was formed in the aftermath of the massive 2001 Gujarat earthquake. The former President of the United States Of America Bill Clinton is the Hon. Chairman of AIF. Many other distinguished US and Indian citizens are on the Board and hold trustee positions with AIF. They also have a solid presence in India through their office in New Delhi. During the past ten years AIF has put in approximately USD 100 Million Dollars in various projects across the country. One of the major features of working with AIF is that 100% of the funds that are donated are deployed in rehabilitation and relief since AIF separately raises funds for all administration costs.
On behalf of the AIF and UMA global effort I would like to appeal to you to make donations towards the rebuilding of our state to AIF. The American India Foundation Trust (AIFT) is a registered section 12A trust and also registered to receive donations under Section 80G of the India Income Tax Act (Registration No: NQ DIT(E)l 2011-12/1018). All donations made to AIFT are eligible for 50% tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act for Indian nationals/corporates.
I would also like to encourage you to spend some time looking at the AIF website. They carry quite a lot of information on the kind of projects that they have undertaken along with their partners in bringing about long term change in our country. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I shall get back immediately.
I will be grateful if you could kindly also forward this mail to your close family, friends and business associates in India and other countries who you feel would be keen to contribute towards the noble cause of the rebuilding of our state. The international donors can go to the “Donate in the US” section on the AIF website.
Many thanks Ankur for your help.
Best wishes!
Anoop Nautiyal
India Trustee, Uttarakhand Mandal of America (UMA)

6 thoughts on “The Rebuilding of Uttarakhand by AIF and UMA‏

    • The TOMA principle applies!! Also, I think he knows that I have a fondness for several places in Uttarakhand. During my growing-up years, I have spent a part of almost every summer holiday in Mussoorie, and a few in Haridwar, Nainital and Rishikesh.

  1. First of all, many thanks Ankur for the blog post. Really, really appreciated.
    Subbu – yes, I missed out on sending this to you. Will anyways be grateful if you can help to pass the word around.
    Jacqui – thanks for your inputs. We are trying several different things. Will discuss your suggestion with the rebuilding team members.

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