Season’s Greetings

Workready greetings

Wishing all my e-friends a Merry Christmas (belated) and a Happy New Year (in advance).

My “work” has rarely found a mention on this blog. This greeting is one instance of a crossover. I made this greeting with the help of my wife and son for business connections and…OK, OK, my wife and son made the greeting and I , well, thanked them. I thought it turned out very well and decided to use it for the blog as well.

Workready Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the name of the company for which this greeting was made.


20 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings

  1. These days nothing seems or can be arranged to be cost effective. In US just about everything on the store shelves except food is cheap crap from China that would not be cost effective even at one tenth the price. Most things have a two or three time use and ready for trash. Light bulbs for example seem to last but a few weeks.

    • Perhaps an after-effect of the endless Keynesian cycle of consumption and production. I have experienced the “light bulb” issue. On Diwali, which is perhaps the biggest pan-India festival, also known as the festival of lights, most people decorate their homes/workplaces with various kinds of light. For a few years now, we have started getting “made in China” lights, which don’t last beyond a few days. And nothing else is available, even if you ask.

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