Book Review: Twenty-four Days

Another thriller from my long-time blogging friend Jacqui Murray hits the stands.

With Twenty-four days, Jacqui builds on and enhances the genre of “technical thriller” that she introduced in “To Hunt A Sub”.

With a daughter in the Navy and son in the Army, Jacqui is already uniquely qualified to deliver the military thriller. Add to that her work of writing tech-in-ed columns and a personal interest in thrillers, and the combination becomes even more potent. Now top it off with the detailed research that has perhaps gone into the book which allows the reader to sail through the book without questioning the events and technology and science in it.

The tale leaves the reader panting as it sweeps across the world from America through Europe and Mid-East to the Far-East and back. And as it switches between human and artificial intelligence. And ideologies and faiths.

Jacqui’s is a fresh voice in the world of thrillers that needs to be heard by everyone who has interest in the genre.

 Available at: Kindle USKindle UKKindle Canada, Structured Learning.


22 thoughts on “Book Review: Twenty-four Days

  1. Excellent writer, mother and friend! I hope her books sell-out!! I put a link on my page – I hope it helps get the word out – Jacqui deserves it.

  2. Excellent review. Short and to the point. Many reviewers present a review that is almost as long as the novel itself Of course this is an exaggeration but I think a review should have no more than ten sentences. Most reviewers (alleged) think a review is supposed to be a summary of the plot and analysis of the characters. This review helps the reader get a feel for the action and a person who enjoys the genre has enough information to choose whether to read the book. Now if one does not appreciate this genre and prefers other forms of fiction this helps them not waste money on purchasing the book. One addition the the review I would suggest is giving the book 1 – 5 stars indicating your assessment of the quality of book and author.

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