These are a few of my favourite…posts:

1. Important Jobs in the World

This is about the people who, seemingly, have become convinced about the importance of their regular jobs to the point where they almost feel they are doing a service to society, and how their jobs become a measure of their self-worth. Can be accessed on:

2. The Very Important Person – how to find him in Office

Most of us have seen this person in the office – strutting about as if he just landed from Krypton and has to save the world before he goes for lunch. Can be accessed on:

3. In the eyes of others

A tale of how people behave when they are under pressure to impress others. Some of my readers consider this to be the best-crafted tale on my blog. Can be accessed on:

I am posting a few of my old posts while I wait for the juices (creative ones) to start flowing. Many of my followers joined after the initial “corporate” phase when I started with writing seven to ten posts a month. I hope you will like these posts from the initial period of this blog.

These posts are not the most visited or liked ones. They are the ones which, in my view, convey what I was trying to convey, most faithfully. And, all of them are the outcome of my employment journey of over twenty years with large corporates. That is the theme the blog started with, which, over a period of time, has metamorphosed into a more current event oriented theme.