Book promotion

Time for some shameless self-promotion. Oops!! I meant book promotion.

Leadstart, the publisher of my book “What happens in office, stays in office” (image in the margin on the right) has launched its own website for selling books. My book is available for Rs. 136.50 (30% less) with no delivery charge, till 28th Feb. In case you are buying, use Promo code: LPWHIOSIO1. Use link:

I guess this will only work for deliveries in India. Also, the Promo code will only work on the publisher’s site to which the above link leads.

Of course the book is also available on in the US, sans the publisher promotion, on:

A few weeks back another review of the book was carried by Friday Gurgaon, a popular weekly newspaper in the eponymous town (Gurgaon), that I have not shared earlier on this blog. Here it is, followed by the link to the newspaper’s webpage with the review:

review FG 


17 thoughts on “Book promotion

  1. No shameless promotion, Ankur. I learned a lot about your book without having to go to Amazon. It sounds wonderful. It seems to focus on Indian business life–am I correct?

    Why is it categorized as ‘contemporary fiction’? And last question–is it available on Amazon Kindle?

  2. Hi Ankur, When I received news letter I thought you were promoting your book Some Method Some Madness, been reading your new book for quite sometime now, its good guide for me (I belong to BPO industry).

  3. Congratulations Ankur! Fantastic to read the review on FG. Well done and am sure there are many more to come in the future. Take care

  4. Ankur follows my blog. I always can count on him for a funny comment. I promoted a book in my classroom 11th grade 33. ears. My efforts were a complete failure. The History of the United States. Very few takers.

  5. Congrats on ur new book!! Way 2 go!! Didn’t know u were an actual writer. Read the bio.Good to know u hv spent a few yrs in a’bad too!! I finished my graduation out there last year. No wonder ur equally charmed by ‘Jain chicken’ !! 😉

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