Book review

I am pleased to share a review of my book, “What happens in office, stays in office”, that appeared in the print edition of the New Indian Express, a leading national daily, on 22nd October. The content of the review is also visible on the online edition which can be accessed on:

This review has been penned by a fellow WordPress blogger. As he writes under an alias I cannot reveal the identity. But it would be interesting to see if anyone has a guess. A hint – writing styles tend to stay constant.

The book is available, among other places:

– On in the US

– On in India

An image of the page carrying the review:

Look to the lower half of the page on the left. Ignore the photographs on the page, they are not mine!!

Thank you for your support.

11 thoughts on “Book review

  1. ” The book makes for a humorous cubicle companion, during regular moments of despair permeating daily corporate life. The good, the bad and the funny can co-exist, even if uneasily”.

    Very apt description. I fully endorse the writer’s opinion about your precious and ‘a must read’ book !

  2. Keep it up Ankur!! Always very nice to see an old friend & a “not anymore budding author” getting due acknowledgements & recognition for his insightful words & works.

    Happy Diwali!

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