Lies, damn lies, and elections

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) of resorting to funding through illegal means…who has accused the BJP of irresponsible behaviour by taking credit for events they had nothing to do with, like reduction in fuel prices…who has accused the AAP of behaving irresponsibly while in government…who has accused Congress of failing to protect the honour and dignity of women when in power…who has accused BJP of inadequate political strength in the state as they had to parachute a Chief Ministerial (CM) candidate from outside the party…who has accused AAP of diversionary tactics as they have no substance…who has accused BJP that black money has not come back despite it being a national election promise made by them last year…who has accused AAP and the entire sub-caste to which the CM candidate belongs as being anarchists…who has accused BJP of unfairly tarnishing the image of a peacable and industrious community…who has accused AAP of making false promises and misleading people…who has accused BJP of tampering with voting machines that will be used in the elections…who has accused Congress of mismanagement of local affairs in their long reign…who has accused the BJP leader, also the country’s Prime Minister, of wearing expensive foreign clothes made in UK despite their “Make in India” call to the nation and the world…who has accused them right back of wearing expensive foreign clothes themselves and, to add insult to injury, expensive shoes as well…who has accused BJP of treating the Northeastern people as immigrants and, further, not being able to distinguish between Nagaland and Mizoram…who has accused AAP of trying to stay in the limelight through dubious means, and misleading and being negative as per old habit…who has accused BJP’s CM candidate of sourcing funds from abroad for her NGO without revealing the source…who has accused Congress of taking the people for granted during their years in power…who has accused BJP of portraying Mahapurush (Great Man) Anna Hazare as deceased…who has accused AAP of immaturity by politicising a routine political insult and failing to understand the metaphor…who has accused BJP of being in cahoots with industrialists, particularly the ones whose surname end with “ni”…who has accused Congress of being anti-development…who has accused AAP of forming a united front with BJP to wipe out their ideology…who has accused BJP of hiding the reasons why their CM candidate was removed as DIG (Deputy Inspector General) of Mizoram, Goa and Chandigarh…who has accused AAP of wasting public money by not joining forces without pre-conditions with BJP after the last elections leading to re-elections within a year…who has accused BJP of being inconsistent and issuing an advertisement that does not mock AAP…who has accused independent survey agencies being motivated by narrow commercial interests, especially if their results predict a loss for BJP…

Phew! I don’t know if this will qualify as the longest sentence written. It is certainly the longest written by me. Politics does this to you. Enables you to overcome your self-defined limits and reach beyond. Boldly go where you have not been before.

I hope by now you are pretty clear what each party stands for and what their strengths are.

At any rate, I am sure we are all clear what the other parties stand for and what their weaknesses are.

Delhi state elections are scheduled for the 7th. Results will be declared on the 10th. Campaigning gets over on the 5th (today). I will need something strong tomorrow to replace this excitement.

Get the picture?

My teenage son, who has just been through with the Student Body elections in his school, and watching news channels on TV with me cover the elections , seems to have an unasked question on his lips, “But why does our school tell us that we cannot malign other candidates?”

17 thoughts on “Lies, damn lies, and elections

  1. In US it seems each party fights a president’s agenda just because he may be of the other party instead of considerig the merits of presentation – being contrary just for the sake of being contrary.

  2. Tel your son that the right to malign other candidates comes with voting right – at the age of eighteen… His vocabulary might not be sufficient to do it now.

    • Good observation Subbu. I think you mean it more like a duty; the duty to malign others, that comes with the right to vote. Rights and duties are two sides of the same coin, as our Civics lessons in school told us.

  3. UK elections coming up here as well. Glad to say that all the political parties are behaving impeccably, arguing rationally about policies, never being personal and always acting in the best interests of the country. All donations and gifts are carefully and openly scrutinised and most are returned.
    That’s what our politicians tell us so it must be true.

  4. Heard in the playground:

    “It is not…”
    “It is too”
    “It is not!”
    “It is too!”
    “It is NOT!”…….”It is TOO!”……”IS NOT!”….”IS TOO!”….” ‘S NOT!”….” ‘S TOO.”…”SNOT”….”STOO”….
    snot, stoo, snot, stoo, SNOT STEW………

    • Many years back when we started learning about computers, which were pretty new at the time, many of us were fascinated by what was called the “endless loop”. You could create a circular logic with a few lines of code that would set the computer on doing a task endlessly. Our politicians have not gotten over the fascination for an “endless loop”.

  5. There must be smoking of World School for Politicians. It doesn’t matter what country they are campaigning in politicians all use the same tactics and negative attacks. I am sure your sentence has summarized an entire election campaign. Stay on them and make them squeal.

    • Cut from the same cloth is what I might have said till the Prime Minister, while meeting President Obama during his recent visit to India, took the game to a whole new level by wearing a suit cut from an entirely new cloth with his name printed on it. Beat that!

  6. Thank you so much for making me laugh at our and your troubles…. I envy your sense of humour and wish I could see the lighter side of things. Maybe I should put some distance between me and politics, no , I mean party politics.

  7. I should thank you for your continued support to my blog, and leaving your views and feedback on it. The recent Greek elections have been well covered around the world. And the current “standoff” on austerity measures. I guess one can never get too far away from politics. But I wish all hard-working and honest people of Greece better lives in the new government.

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